daugher birthday memes

19 daughter birthday memes

1. When Your Daughter Turns Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years of age , laugh!ing Happy Sweet Sixteen!”

2. Happy Birthday to My Mini-Me

2.Happy Birthday to My Mini-Me

Happy Birthday, Mini-Me! Mother to Daughter Birthday!

3. Daughter’s Birthday: Expecting a Pony Since ’08

Another birthday, but still no pony!

4. Another Year of Being Dad’s Princess

Happy Birthday, Princess! Dad’scheeky dad jokes!

5. When You Realize Your Baby Girl is Growing Up

When did you grow up? I swear it was just yesterday you were learning to walk!

6. Birthday Wishes from the Coolest Parents Ever

Happy Birthday from your cool parents!

7. Happy Birthday to the Teen Drama Queen

Happy Birthday to my Drama Queen!

8. When Your Daughter Asks for the World on Her Birthday

Daughter: ‘Can I have the world for my birthday?’ Parents: ‘How about a gift card instead?

9. Celebrating Another Year of Girl Power

Happy Birthday to the girl with super powers!

10. Birthday Candles Aren’t the Only Thing Lit Today

Happy Birthday! with birthday cake candles

11. Cheers to the Future Queen of Sass

Happy Birthday to the future queen of sass! Keep that crown polished.

12. Daughter’s Birthday: More Fun than a Taylor Swift Concert

Your birthday is more exciting than scoring front-row seats to a Taylor Swift concert!

13. Happy Birthday to My Partner in Crime

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime!

14. Another Year, Another Cake Smash

Here’s to another year of smashing cakes and making messes. Happy Birthday!

15. When Your Daughter Thinks She’s Getting a Car

Daughter: ‘Is it a car?’ Parents: ‘It’s a matchbox car! Happy Birthday!’

16. The Day My Daughter Officially Becomes a Teenager

Scared looking teenager turning into teen years

17. Celebrating the Diva of the House

Happy Birthday to the diva of the house!

18. Happy Birthday to the Most Fabulous Daughter

Happy Birthday to the most fabulous daughter!

19. When Your Daughter’s Birthday is All About Unicorns

Unicorns, rainbows, and sparkles—must be your birthday again! Happy magical birthday!

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